Posted at request of abrat friend who is not a USAA member

My old brat friend, Pete Cherry asked me to post this for him.  


I am an Army Brat, I was as a child and still am as an adult. I was never a CHAMP, a child hero attached to Military Personnel as all I did was travel with my step father when he was transferred to different military bases. My stepfather was the hero for his service during war and peacetime.
I met someone at my work the other day. I started talking to him and found out he was in the Marine Corps. I replied that I never served however I was a Brat. He was surprised and replied that he was too and asked me what service. When I said Army he said he was an Army Brat too.
I was born in Australia. When I was three years old my Step father was in Vietnam and came to Australia for R&R and met my mother here. They were married and at 3 years of age I became an Army Brat. I have lived in the US, Thailand, Korea and visited many other countries as an Army Brat. I made many friends and lost touch with many people in my life due to moving around.
When I was 21 years old, I decided to move back to the country I was born in, Australia. I have settled here and now have a family of my own. Sometimes I feel like I do not have a country. People from Australia ask me where I am from because I have something other than an Australian accent. When I travelled back to the US in 2012 I was asked where I was from as I have something other than an American Accent. Although I have a strong American cultural influence from growing up, I always maintained my Australian citizenship. I find it very hard to call one place home.
One thing is constant, I am a Military Brat and proud of it. The world is my home and I am at home in the world.