Pat Tilman's Widow/Gen. Michael Hayden Not Offended

"...and to the Republic, for which it stands...".   Get a grip and forget the NFL.  The flag is a symbol.   Symbol and rally point on the Battlefield.   Does not mean trhe Constitution.   Constitution is there no matter what flag is flown.  We've had many flags over the years as new states were added; might be another if we add Puerto Rico or some other place as a state.   I've lived under two flags...48 and 50 star versions.  Might see a flag with 51 or more stars if I live long enough.   But the Constitution trundled along just fine from 13-50 star versions.   I actually found "flags" for sale in Branson and Texas with our flag combined with the Confederate flag.  Now THAT is an abomination!   Combining our flag with parts of a failed, enemy battle flag???  And erstwhile "patriots" buy them.   That ranks right down there with these people who fly the Confederate "stars and bars" on their homes.  Rail against the NFL and USAA spending money with it all you want...I will join you.  But only because I don't like football and the NFL.   Personal, not patriotic basis.  

There's dumb....and then there is this comment.  As I already 'splained to you, the flag represents the Republic, not the Constitution.  The Republic gets its foundation from the Constitution.   You should consider reading the's a beautiful document and excellent guide as to how this Republic was designed to function.   I didn't see you retract your erroneous comment.  One hallmark of an adult and right-thinking person is the ability to admit his/her errors.  Self-incriminating omission.  Tchuss, little one!!

You're right. I do not like this President. He is a disgrace to the office and is doing enormous damage to this country and its standing in the world. He also disrespects our veterans, the families those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. He thinks government is some sort of reality TV show with him as the star. It's a reality nightmare for those of us who love our country and want it to be the best it can be. I'm sorry but if people honoring you by exercising the freedoms you say defended makes you uncomfortable. I believe it was G.K. Chesterton who remarked saying "mother country right or wrong, is like saying my mother drunk or sober! The Civil War general and later Missouri Senator better advised " our country when right to be kept right, and when wrong to be made right."

As to those say I'm in the minority in my view here, I don't care! The majority is not right simply because it is the majority. My father, a Vietnam vet and DFC recipient, taught me always the think for myself and to follow my conscience. I would ask no less that f any other man.