I just got an AGR assignment and the Army is moving my famliy to Illiinois, just outside of Chicago.

I have a good amount of debt and less than a month and a half to save and get there.  Although, i would like to avoid taking an advance on my pay, I understand that I will probably have to.  What are the best options for finding a place to live and setting myself up so it doesn't take so long to catch up after we get there.   I don't have enough right now for 1st month plus security.


I think AGR is eligible for AER loans and grants and PCS expenses are one of their categories. If an advance doesn't cover those initial costs, they might. FYI: don't forget a security deposit for electric in your budgeting.

Thank you very much.  That helps. 

When I was stationed in Great Lakes I took housing at Ft Sheridan. It is south of GL and was cheaper than renting.
Talk to a realtor around here. I live across the border in WI. It's a little bit cheaper to rent here than in Illinois. Lmk if you need anything.