I am PCSing to Hawaii this summer.  Does anyone have any recommendations for neighborhoods to live in?  




I'm from Hawaii and was fortunate enough to be stationed there for 4 years. My family and I left summer of 2012. My best bet is to live on base and I say this bc, homes off base are very expensive. Especially for comfortable living. For example a 1,000 sqft home could run you about 2k-3k in rent and that's not including possible association fees. Most homes off base do not have central ac/heating, bc they use the island breeze, which is okay, but I can get very hot in the homes. Due to the recent build ups of base homes, the houses are very spacious and have central ac. But of course, do your research to see what suits your family. Aloha and safe travels. Feel free to reply for any other questions.
I agree with ATElisara. I was stationed at Schofield for 4 years too. Base housing is the way to go.
If you do live off post, consider the traffic patterns for commuting. If you're at Ft Shafter or Tripler, then I wouldn't recommend living in Ewa Beach. The houses are affordable (if you plan on buying), which is the reason so many people move out that way. However, the commute is killer. If you're stationed on that side of the island, though, then that might be a good option for you. (I.e. Schofield barracks). Enjoy your time there.

Ok disclosure, I am a Air Force Reservist/Real Estate Agent. I hope this simply explains how living on base espcailly in Oahu, Hawaii is a wasted opportunity to potentailly buy into the best investment you can ever make. 


Fact: Honolulu Board of Realtor facts in 1984 the Median price of a home was $158,600, in 2013 the Median price was $650,000


If you were to buy a $650,000 Oahu house based on historical figures in 30 years it could potentally be worth $2mil+ if you just sat on it. Forget any rental income off it after you PCS or 1 year of living in it. 


Now if you were to be stationed in Oahu, HI and lived on base you would never see a dime of your BAH (E5 w/ 4 year tour totals $130,032) back again. With a purchase of a home, you could get your BAH back and more. 


Imgaine being Active Duty and having almost no cash reserves on you, but you could buy an home that could be later turned into an investment that has the potentail to double in value every 10-15 years...Yes, it can be done using a VA loan which Acitve members qualify for. The VA garantees a loan that doesn't require any down payment and has very low rates. 


With the VA loan, Active Duty miltiary stationed in Hawaii have the opportunity to generate significant wealth. 


The idea is to buy, live/rent. sell...The longer you wait to sell the more you could make. Oahu homes are investments in your future. Take advantange of the huge opportunity! 


Then again by living on base is more convenient since you're closer to work and the commissary. 


I would love to help those interested in Oahu, RE please visit my site! 

Joe, sillamanre.com