We recently received news we are due to PCS December 2012 to Elmendorf, Alaska. We are newlywed since April 2012, and my husband is deployedin the Middle East with the USAF since July. I was wondering if anyone has been in a situation where they needed to move furniture etc. from two locations? What did you do? Did the military move you or were you responsible for moving everything, both physically and financially? This is my first official PCS and we are outprocessing from Maryland but I also have things to move from my original home in California. I have heard conflicting stories that yes the military will move both sets of belongings from two locations, and no they won't. I don't know where to find accurate answers as I am a relatively new military wife. Thanks!


Ask the Family Readiness Center on base.
It all depends on what the orders state. If the orders state there are two pick up locations, as is often the case when soldiers have an unaccompanied tour, then it is authorized. I'd check with TMO, but more than likely, no. It would be the same as them authorizing to move the HHG when you got married, and they don't do that. Good luck with the move.
We just did this back in october my husband was stationed in AK and they shipped his things from there and my remaining things in FL to our new duty station at Fort Campbell. The process was easy and we didn't have to pay anything extra for it and they sent out movers and packers to help the move come along just fine. Good luck with your move and congrats!