I have been a happy USAA customer for a long time. USAA is who my children have always banked with. Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, Loans. Our family's banking needs had always been met and exceeded. Now I am left with a headache and looking for new options. Hurricane Matthew had a very significant impact on the area I live in. Unfortunately, my car was flooded regardless of putting it somewhere it was normally safe. We also had to move out of our house. Many people lost everything and we are thankful for what we have. I would think this would be a time that your insurance company would rise above the norms and help its customers with grace and empathy. It has been everything but. My auto claim has been open for almost a month. Because of where I live and the amount of cars damaged I had to take an entire day off work to drive 3 hours each way to get a rental. No one calls you to update you regardless of all but begging for someone to call you, responses are slow at best, and when I opened the claim they were to busy trying to sell me more products to ask if my family was OK after the storm. I was shocked. I just experienced significant personal loss and you are trying to upsell products when I am faced with the large expenses of picking up the pieces from the storm? Shame on you USAA! Now USAA wants to settle and has given me 7 days to return the rental. OK, fair enough. I was working on that anyway, had someone actually CALLED me I could of let them know that. The car I am buying is 6 hours from my home and I have to return the rental to different Enterprise lot which I am now being told I WILL BE CHARGED FOR!!!! I have no way to buy a new car and drive both cars back. Are you kidding me? And of course, I call USAA this morning to try and get things straightened out, no claims people working until Monday. So I have have to bite the bullet to make buying a new car, which I would be insuring with USAA, work out on MY day off from work. Not to mention I am saving USAA by not milking the length of the rental. Why do I have to pay to return the car elsewhere?
There are many USAA customers where I live. I am not the only one extremely unhappy and there are others that are reconsidering their options. Some are still waiting for their claims from TS Hermine to be settled let alone Hurricane Matthew. It's sad and it's shameful. Natural disasters are hard enough. Good paying customers shouldn't have to all but beg for their insurance company to do things right. I am beyond frustrated with the entire process and the constant inconveniences sent my way because you can't even get someone on the phone!
I am not sure why USAA has gone down hill but I am looking very hard at other avenues for my families needs. There seems to be a short supply on integrity and a big supply all mighty dollar priority. USAA certainly has not given the impression anything matters but raking in the profits and providing subpar services.




Thank you for reaching out in Member Community.  First of all, I regret to hear about the damages to your vehicle and your frustration.  I will be forwarding your concerns to our claims partners for review and follow up.  They will be contacting you soon.  ~ Robert