I have been trying to reach a representative over the phone to change the address of my renters insurance since PCSing two weeks ago. I am deploying in 12 hours and am still unable to get through your infuriating phone robot.

As a 15 year customer the degredation in customer service I have experienced in the last 12 months with this company is unheard of. Something as simple as changing an address should not take more than 2 minutes of my time. Instead it has absorbed over 30 and is still unresolved. Tomorrow I will be on a ship in the middle of the ocean and unable to call you to resolve this. My stuff will be effectively uninsured because I am unable to update the policy for my new address.

Thanks for nothing. I will be changing insurance companies upon my return.


Hello fellow service member. Just wondering your you able to use the phone app, log on to your computer , or tablet? Also there are a few different numbers to call. Every time I try to contact customer service I get thru unless it's due to my own fault such as having no or limited cell phone coverage, or low battery power! I like usaa very much. I think you need to think about other ways to get things done! Good luck fellow service member.




While the phone app is great for banking transactions it does not work for changing your insurance address. This is because the address affects the rates for renters insurances. I have PCS'd from Australia to Japan. I am now residing in base housing which is significantly safer than living in downtown Sydney. My Renters premieums should go down and I should be able to have all this adjusted and completed in five minutes simply by calling USAA who claims to offer 24/7 customer support. AND even if their insurance adjusters are out of the office I should be able to leave a message and recieve a call back to resolve my issue.


This company is a joke. I call multiple listed numbers and only speak to a robot that despite me communicating my very simple desire will actually just hang up on me.

Meanwhile I am stationed in Japan and this call is costing me 80 cents a minute in long distance charges. If I call via skype which is cheaper the connection is so bad the robot can't understand my responses and hangs up on me.

You know who doesn't have any of these problems? Navy federal. Their office is open right now and they are happy to deal with my issues over the phone 24/7.

While over the past 14 years USAA used to be this way. Currently they are awful. The PCS this year was the most difficult I have ever done because they refuse to pick up the phone. I had a very similar issue when I signed my wife up for a checking account with USAA 3 months ago. They refused to answer the phone for approx 3 days and 7 seperate phone calls. I am tired of dealing with their robot.

That you have not had this issue yet is great for you. Hopefully it doesn't crop up for you during a PCS like it did for me.

Their insurance rates are no better than their competitors,
Their intrest rates are no better,
Their customer service is worse.

I no longer need this company.

Good day!