We are PCSing from Germany to Fort Hood, TX. Currently, I'm looking at living on post due to rumors that traffic during PT is a nightmare. Any idea if the housing on post are better or the same as off post? Really thinking about buying a house but not sure of the areas. Heard that around Fort Hood neighborhood are ghetto. Any info on living on post and which housing area offers better house/space or living conditions on post or off post will be greatly appreciated! Frankie


First, congratulations on your move!! This will certainly be a big one! Here is a discussion about the best places to live in Fort Hood from the "I'm Moving to" section: https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_blogs/Community?action=subcommunitydiscussion&comm=milspouse&blogkey=m... I hope that information helps, and good luck on your move!
From my personal experience, I highly recommend avoiding Killeen area for housing all together. If you think you might buy a house in that area, most people buy in either, Harker Hieghts area or Copperas Cove area. We lived in Copperas Cove. My kids went to Cove schools. I worked in Cove. Cove schools are good schools. They are known for their academic program sand HS Football program. Cove is more a 'country feeling' kind of town, however there are restuarants, and grocery stores (HEB )...so you do not have to go got post for everything. The mall is in Killeen, althought it is small. Harker Heights is a booming retail area with restuarants and shopping. USAA mover's advantages works with many realtors I used to work with. They will give you excellent service, if you plan on buying a home. Hope this helps...
Thank you. This helps a lot. I am considering buying a house since on post housing old, poor maintained, or not worth my full BAH. I will look for houses in Cove this weekend. Thanks, Frankie