any one else missing their deposit today?


Yeah, still nothing.

Hi there!


Are you both speaking about retirement payments? If so, as per the pay schedule here from DFAS, payment for June is not set to deposit until July 1st, which is this Wednesday.


Hope this helps, if not - please let me know how I can assist. Thanks!

The 29th is Monday so 30th is payday. The pmts r scheduled for 1st or 30th..
No deposit here eather
I usually get it on the last business day of the month. My mistake, I thought today was the 30th.
I thought per usaa Gov monthly deposits should arrive day 1 day prior of the date set to recieve. It was a perk I thought at one time but yet I still don't have mine for July yet either I'm not sure why though it's frustrating

Hello there - are you still missing your deposit? I have asked someone in our banking department, and I am waiting to hear if they have an update. I will post once I have more information. Thanks!

You are correct, Zyfix.




We have been notified that DFAS processed a reversal for some of the deposits, looks like there have been quite a few USAA members affected. USAA FSB is alert and working on this issue and it should be resolved by Wednesday, July 1st. We apologize for this inconvenience and if there are any further issues or questions you may have, please give us a call at: 1-800-531-8722.

Anyone not received their reoccurring monthly deposit which normally arrives one day prior to the 1st. Meaning usually recieve last day of the month.