Me And My Husband Got Married On R&R After We Broke Up When He Was In Tech School... Now He Is Coming Home And Its Like Things Arent The Same All We Do Is Argue... He Has Lied And Cheated B4 We Got Married And Even Though He's In Iraq I Feel Like He Really Doesnt Want To Be Married I Try Not To Argue But Then He Finds A Way To Get Under My Skin... At Times I Feel Like I Dont Want To Be Married Anymore Becuz Of It... I Am Constantly Sad And Unsure Of What To Do... I Just Need Someone To Talk To That Has Experience This Military Life And Being A Spouse...


Army Spouse, Talking to another military spouse or someone who has experience living this lifestyle is a great idea. Long distance relationships are very challenging especially when our loved one is deployed. Since you are a new military spouse, it might be hard to find other military spouses at your installation. I'm not sure when your spouse is coming home, but I encourage you to connect with your command/unit Family Readiness Group, your base Chaplain or a counselor at your local Family Support Center for support. You can also contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1.800.342.9647. Talking to someone you can trust is important and I encourage you to reach out to one or more of these resources. Know that you are not alone and please keep in touch.
Thank U!!!He Will Be Home 7-5-11 And It Has Gotten So Out Of Hand That I He Is Sayin That He Wants A Divorce... I Just Don't Know How Things Are Gonna Be From Here On He Say We Will Talk When He Gets Here But Only God Knows Whats Gonna Happen.. I Love My Husband And I Just Want Us To Come To Some Sort Of Understanding... Am Willin To Go To Counseling But Is He... *shrugs* I Will Keep U Posted After Friday When He Makes It Back State Side...
Thanks Alot!!! At The Moment He Has Arrived And We Have Only Spoken Once Sad But True... He Closed Out Our Joint Account And So It Seems Like Everything Is Going South I Dont Have Much To Say... I Dont Know What The Issue Is Right Now And I Am At A Lost For Words... But What Can I Say I Tried...
Dear Spouse I am an Army spouse and a Soldier, and I can tell you that no marriage is immune to the marriage blues. My husband and I go to counseling. We call it preventive maintenance. If you are like me, and don't like the Army involved in your issues try going to militaryonesource. Your Military life consultant is also a good one, and he/she will meet you outside the base if need be. They will give you and your spouse free counseling with a civillian psychologist. Good luck.
My husband deployed less than two weeks after we were married. The first couple of months we fought everytime we talked to each other. We even started talking about divorce because neither one of us would compromise. After he talked to several of his friends that are married (and I was exhausted from fighting and started giving in), we realized that the underlying problem was the deployment itself. I have my freedom and hes stuck in a sanbox for seven months. He wants to be home with me and he cant be. We were dating through this first deployment and there really is a big difference between being a military girlfriend and a military spouse. You guys are going to fight. Youre going to disagree. But what really matters is that you both still are willing to work to make it work. You both have to bend and compromise.
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