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Has anyone noticed the new song USAA has begun using for its advertisements and it's on-hold music?  The song repeats over and over and over again while on hold.  With hold times getting longer and longer at USAA, this is maddening!   The song, to me, sounds like a group of men marching in formation with a cadence saying USAA,USAA again and again. I hear no women's voices. This perpetuates the misnomer that men are the face of the military.  I’ve noticed over a long time, that the military service of women, is overlooked - even in a jingle from a bank that is supposed to be serving the needs of military members and their families and that is Men and Women!  

 I've been with USAA for over 35 years and the service started going down the tubes a few years ago.   It seems like years ago, USAA had an amazing 4.9 on the customer reviews, not it's 4.5 stars.  In general USAA has become a disappointment, which I was willing to still stick with them because I thought the bank was special, but now the new Jingle tells me more about USAA and it’s culture and outlook on who they are serving.  I can't stomach it any longer and if I have to hear that on-line song again, I'm jumping out the window!!   Why can't they just play normal on -hold music?  Moving to Navy Federal CD rates and service are much much better.   

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I have been a memebr over 50 years and have to agree with the comment on ever growing wait times for service and the attitudes of those providing that service. I noticed the last two times I have had to call that they no longer use military rank on the calls. I asked the USAA rep on the second one about it and she related that it was the new policy not to use rankl titles unless the member made an issue of it.   This is just another indicator that since they are now open to anyone for banking, whether or not they ever put on a uniform, they are really looking to be just another big bank and insurance company.  My ego can handle the lack of someone using the title, but it does show me that they have lost contact with their beginnings of being a member owned, self insurance cooperative for the military.  For the first time in my adult life, I have my classic cars insured outside of USAA because the rates are significnatly lower for more coverage. 

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I wanted to post a follow up to your comment.


First, thank you for your service and for taking the time to post your experience here in community. I apologize for the experience you had and can confirm that there is no new policy of the sort. Military life and the experiences of our veteran and active duty members is of the utmost importance. Please know we have shared this feedback to the appropriate team.


Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. It is concerning to hear that you feel this way about your experience. I will forward your concern appropriately. We never want to lose sight of our core values and mission you have grown to know and expect as a 50 year member. Thank you again. ~Crystal 

@LeslieCatlin, I regret your frustration with our hold music. I've forwarded your comments regarding this matter to the appropriate area. We continually look for opportunity to improve our products and services. Your feedback will help us do so. Thanks for taking the time to post. - Ben

@USAA - Many members have commented on the USAA song while on hold and nothing has changed yet so what makes this member think the C-Suite really cares?

I agree with Leslie about the annoying USAA jingle/song. Even apart from its perceived sexism, it simply is unpleasant just to listen to. Do another focus group and see if you don't hear more of this!


@patriot72, Thank you for the feedback, I am forwarding this now. I appreciate you engaging in our Member Community to help improve USAA. ~Tom

I've never understood why they do commercials at all. How much are they paying on commercials that largely reach people who address already members or can't join? They could be using that money to pay for better hold music, more support for current members, etc.
I've had since hiccups in life, and each time USAA just dropped me.