Losing another customer if you continue to sponsor the NFL, kneeling and no singing of the National Anthem.  Why not support fist responders and law enforcement?  BTW, San Antonio military community does not need $30M.  Military members have enought pay to cover their expenses if they live within their means.  


What an incredible country that we live in!  So much freedom to express our views through peaceful expression!  Regardless if you or anyone else is offended by kneeling, etc., or, support it, it is our inalienable right to do so.  Their action causes all of us to ponder their protests and garner our attention.  But, mostly, the fact that this can happen without people being taken away to work camps or gulags is a blessing.  Why do so many want to emigrate to the USA?  We have these freedoms.  Let's count our blessings!