Interesting to note that the Member Community posts, like the nation, have mostly split along Right or Left lines. That is our right and that's healthy.  It is disturbing, though, to witness the dialog on too many occasiuons revert to ad hominem attacks, mostly against Hannity and our Commander-In-Chief.  We see this all too often on TV.  We shouldn't have to endure it on this blog.  Those who engage in personal attacks know who they are and they should grow up and stop it.  It's not becoming of USAA's military comuunity.


Well said Ringmaster!  Agree...despite our dissagreements we must ALL remain polite...speak with reason and not respectful of ALL points of view.


And remember to be considerate of USAA reps...they are merely the messengers that have been tasked to mop up this mess.