Just sad to think that USAA sponsors organizations who disrespect the flag and our country. 

I realize USAA leadership has changed. I am not sure for the better. The company response to member requests for USAA to cancel its support for the NFL is absolute tripe. The disrespect displayed by the league, owners and players towards our flag and national anthem should not be acceptable to an organization that was founded by service members for service members.


Stuart Parker should have the courage to directly receive comments from USAA members, and he should also have the courage to speak for himself, not through underlings. I attempted to find a way to communicate directly with him, and the website does not provide an opportunity to do that. In the military, there always is a way to communicate directly with one's commander. Maybe, Mr. Stuart did not learn that when he served.


USAA must come out openly, not back channel, to voice its members concerns over the disrespect displayed by the NFL. Moral courage is as important as physical courage. Show some now!


Thomas S. Ceci

Member Since 1975


USAA must draft a strong message and send to NFL reflecting our distain with the manner in which they are handling this issue, and post to USAA.COM so we can all read.


The NFL is managing this issue with the same level of efficency as they did with Aron Hernandez and Ray Rice!!!!!

I think this says it well.   My father served in the pacific in WW2; the supply ship (Virgo) he served on was involved in all the island hoping in that conflict.  My father-in-law (Jim Stratton) served as an Army Air Core pilot in WW2 and was called back into service for the Korean conflict.  He was a SAC pilot in a B47 when he was killed when his plane went down in 1956 over the English Channel.  My wife was 10 years old when her father died.  I served as a Navy LTJG during the Vietnam conflict.  I've been a member of USAA since 1967 and I can't believe the Organization that I have come to love and respect for these past 50 years has not taken a stance on this issue and immediately dropped the NFL as a sponsor.  Your response Stuart Parker would be appreciated.


Tom Blair 

USAA mission is on your website says:

"WE STAND BY YOU - USAA is dedicated to serving military members and their families..."


FOLLOW YOUR MISSION USAA and STAND BY YOUR MEMBERS FIRST!!!!! I am shocked you are still a sponsor!!!! Follow your own mission statement!!!!

With all the comments from members concerning this topic, I note that Stuart Parker has not shown the proper courtesy to personally respond to these comments and concerns. We do not want to hear from one of his underlings. We want him to explain his position on this subject to the members of USAA. We, the members, are USAA. We expect a response to our concerns from the person heading USAA. If Stuart Parker believes these emotions will subside, he is very wrong. There are many venues to advertise USAA products that do not tolerate disrespect for our country and its flag and anthem. Mr. Parker needs to remember why and by whom USAA was created.


Thomas S. Ceci

Memeber Since 1975

This takes backbone. Honoring our country is not optioinal for USAA. Stand up and say so.  

I appreciate the reason USAA has sponsored the NFL in the past, and hate that politics have fallen into what was once a great US sport, but along with several other members of USAA, I will also begin to look elsewhere if USAA does not reconsider its sponsorship of the NFL.  The NFL, with its actions, is NOT honoring and appreciating the military community, or more importantly, the country at large!  I agree 100% with freedom of speech, and in this case, my freedom will be with where I put my money.  If our flag and National Anthem cannot be something that all Americans can unite behind, then there is nothing left.  


I am a second generation USAA life long member and have served in our Army for almost 30 years.  I have been a proud USAA member and have always executed all my banking and insurance with your company, along with my parents (retired Army) and sister (retired Army) and all of our extended families.  I do not want to look elsewhere for this business, but will look to do so if necessary. 



Having worked in the financial institution industry, I know that financial institutions know that the vast majority of customers will not close a checking account and move it, because its too much of a hassle to change direct deposits, change automatic bill pay, etc.  They count on that and they count on members/customers having a short attention span and figure it will eventually blow over before they lose any real amount of business.  So, what I am doing is taking my USAA credit card out of my wallet, and putting it away in a drawer.  I can use an american express card or a credit union mastercard instead easily enough.  Visa also sponsors the NFL so this kills two birds with one stone.  If you don't have another card, most people can get one easily enough from a miltary credit union or a community bank, airline, brokerage firm, etc. When and if USAA responds to its members and discontinues NFL sponsorship, I will use the card again.  If they haven't done it by the time the next annual fee is due, I will cancel it. This is a painless and effective way to make your voice heard.  I would like to think USAA understands what respect to the flag means to veterans, that it means we are respecting those who have gone before us and given their lives and limbs for freedom and democracy around the world.  If they don't understand that, no amount of PC public relations press releases or feel good apple pie commericals will fix it.

Well stated.

Great idea that is so easy to do.

Thanks for sharing.