Closed my USAA Account today and got the same canned response when bringing up the subject of endorsing the NFL after blatant disrespect.

Navy Federal Credit Union
I opened an account today
USAA your customers are the patriots of this country. Do you really think we will tolerate this betrayal? I love this company, don’t make me cut ties with it please.

We are not customers of USAA, it's a membership.  If the board doesn't support the members viewes, VOTE THEM OUT!

Fed Up! Stop supporting NFL or I’m leaving too after +20 years. We all need to stand up and support what we believe in with our $’s!!’
Today I called my usaa auto rep, this is how our conversation went:
I am considering cancelling my auto insurance because of your continued support of the NFL
USSA: how may we help you?
Me: when does my auto policy expire?
Usaa: Jan 28th.
Me: ok I found farm bureau to be 40 dollars cheaper per month for the exact same coverage. I cannot continue to support a company that support/endorses the NFL. I have had usaa for over 40 years
Usaa: Sorry you feel that way, USSA does support out military. Is there anything else?
Me: yes I also have issues with the CEO and board of directors complete SILIENCE on this issue !
Usaa: "crickets"
Me: have a great day, bye
All you people threatening to leave, just do it already, ok?
USAA doesn’t care what the membership wants that’s why iam taking my business elsewhere