You ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm SICK of USAA and their money hungry establishment.  I've been a member for nearly 32 years and I have had enough and do not want my money to sponsor the NFL.  REMOVE YOUR SPONSORSHIP!!!!

" Our purpose in becoming a league sponsor was to honor and appreciate the military community, and that will continue to be our focus." - USAA


I fail to see how sponsoring a bunch of unpatriotic, overpaid and unappreciative millionaires honors or shows appreciation to the military community. USAA could present an ad that incorporates the account of the flag raising on Iwo Jima and announce their cancellation of all future NFL advertising. Otherwise, you will see even more prior/current military looking for a new financial services company.



I totally agree with you, I would add why is USAA sponsoring the millionaires giving them money that we pay into USAA,, how about cut the sponsorship and lower some of these premiums. Or even donate to help out some vets?


Everyone who has served or has family that has served knows about USAA.. So why sponsor such an expensive Corperation?

Please explain how your sponsorship of the NFL is doing what you claim your intent is?  I've seen the commercials.  Seems like you are just trying to generate more business.


USAA's arguement would hold some water if the NFL was paying USAA to be the "Military Appreciation Sponsor", but unfortunately they are paying the NFL, using funds which should really be placed in the subscriber savings accounts or returned as member dividends. This really smells bad, not sure where USAA is really headed now, not the same great organization I joined a long time ago.......

I was disappointed every USAA comercial during the game after the NFL has decided to allow the disrespect of the flag and the anthem.  They are allowed to have their oppinions, but a company like USAA that has a higer integrity and respect for the people that served and sacraficed under that flag should not be supporting an organization like the NFL.

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said Monday that he hadn’t seen any business impact — positive or negative — in the aftermath of the president’s comments. Regarding sponsors, he said the league speaks constantly with its partners and wasn’t aware of a single one that was worried about the weekend’s events.


FYI, Lockhart used to work for former President Clinton's comms department, draw your own conclusions

Bet the same smart guys / girls giving all the great marketing advice worked in election polls during the last presidental election, and you saw how that went????? 


Listen to your customers, USAA, while you still got them!!!

I might stop supporting USAA and take a knee.  

It's going to take time for the NFL to feel the impact.  Season tickets have already been purchased.  We will see how the renewal rate goes in the spring.  Sponsorship contracts need time to be terminated.


Kelloggs dissed the Conservative crowd about 10 months ago and today they just lost their CEO and their sales are iun the dumper.


Stuff does not happen quickly but it eventually happens.