I've been with USAA for over 40 years.  If USAA doesn't drop their sponsorship with the NFL then I will drop my business with USAA also.  It's time to take a stand. 

Come on USAA do the right thing and dump the NFL.  How can you say you support military members then turn around and support the NFL?  You can’t have it both ways.  We have choices with whom we do our banking....remember that.

I agree with the original post.  I don't thing that the NFL is with our country anymore.  I really wish that USAA would reconsider sponsoring them, for the time being.

Been a member for 30+ years. Banking, major investements and insurance. I'll give USAA a week or two to do the right thing by not sponsoring an organization that allows their members to disrespect the military, then I'm pulling all funds and moving elsewhere.

USAA:  Your continued support and sponsorship of the NFL makes me ashamed of USAA and being a member thereof.  I don't support organizations like the NFL that are obviously un-American and dis-respect our veterans. You should stop being a slave to the all mighty dollar and cut all ties with the NFL.


I expected better from USAA, and you let me down. Maybe I should take my business elsewhere...


(By the way, I am not a "new member". My family has been with USAA for decades. This is just the first time I felt like speaking on the forums.)

USAA needs to hear from us by phone or they won't change their misguided backing of the NFL.

Call during business hours:

  Senior Member Relations Advisor
Office of the CEO
(210) 531-8722, Extension 86071 or (800) 531-8722, Extension 86071

I have been with USAA for nearly 20 years; however, I am deeply angered by the NFL's display of disrespect to our nation and military.  If USAA continues to sponsor the NFL, I will, with out a doubt, end our long relationship and take my business elsware.  Please drop your sponsorship with the NFL immediatly. 

I am a long time member and am proud of my affiliation with USAA. Please give some consideration to taking action against the disrespect the NFL is showing to America. Use your financial strength and clear support for all service members to bring about the changes needed to end this disrespect.

Member since 1998 time to get my insurance with another company. USSA your out of touch with your customer! GEICO here I come.

Your statements are contradictory!  Either you stand with our country and military or you stand with the NFL.   There is no way to support both.  Just remember, we call it the National Felon League for a reason.  They are nothing but thugs and criminals...and the only people they bring together are other THUGS and CRIMINALS.