I am really disappointed in how a majority of the league has handled their issues with the president. The players and coaches have the right to be angry, but they also do not have the right to disrespect the fans that pay good money to support the teams.


I come from a long line of men that have served this nation from the Civil War to my own father serving in Desert Shield/Storm. He loves the Titans because it’s one of last connections to his hometown. He served in the army proudly for 18 years. It breaks his heart and my heart to see these players kneel. When they kneel, it’s like telling my family that we don’t matter.


Guess what. We do matter. If it weren’t for people like my dad, the NFL would be a failure like the XFL and the CFL within the US borders. If these business didn’t have consumers and fans, they wouldn’t make money. If the NFL is so hellbent on supporting the players that are going to disrespect the fans, then maybe we should stop watching this sport and find another one to support.


My father is willing to give the league a break this week due to the emotional issue surrounding this. I’m not as forgiving at this time. I am disgusted by this all. It breaks my heart. These players are ambassadors of the NFL and their cities. They fans are attached to them because it gives us something to root for. Something to inspire us. We’re not all millionaires. We live paycheck to paycheck in most cases. Our lives are just simple. Most of us are good people.


I know this country has its faults, but it’s the best country there is. If the players have a problem with the president, fine, but don’t take it out on the fans. The players are becoming scorpions and the sponsors are the frogs. In the parable, the scorpion took both down. Continue this, and you’re going to sink.

One investment account

Two personal artical policies

Three car insurance policies

Three life insurance policies

Four bank accounts


Father-NFL loving NYJETS rooting retired vet. Sickend by the NFL's and USAA's stand on the anthem.

Son-Police officer, enough said there


I stayed with USAA when you dropped homeowners coverage in Florida

I stayed with USAA when you jacked my premiums because of my childrens ages and State Farm was much cheaper.


I just did the math, I pay over 7k a year in premiums


Your loyaty to your base vs loyaty to a brand that dishonors your base.  


Finally the scales have tipped to move everything from the brand that I stayed loyal with even though the premiums were higher.






Sherri999, thank you for your feedback. I can certainly understand your concern regarding your  To best assist you, I'll engage one of my business partners to review your account. They'll be in direct contact with you to further discuss. ~ Stacy

Please end your sponsorship of the NFL until they can figure our how to bahave in public in a free country.  The dishonor the very country that gives them the right of free speech.

Agreed!  NFL does not represent our values!

I agree 100%

Agree!  USAA is all lip service when it comes to military loyalty and support of our service members.  Remember, the NFL was paid millions to support Veterans and veteran displays at games during the Obama era.  The NFL doesn't care about the military or it's fan base in general.  USAA DROP SPONSORSHIP of the NFL!

The players are protesting inequality and injustice towards black people in this country. No one is protesting the flag or the country or national anthem or Military. They are simply peacully protesting what is wrong in this country. When is it okay for Black people to protest? Where? Exactly. You just don't want people to protest. Before this whole debacle people used the time for the national anthem to go buy beer, light a cig. Dont be a Snowflake.
Getting my citi card in the mail in a week. Not going to use visa either.
Here Here! USAA should not be spending our money to support an organization that disrespects or nation, our flag, and our anthem. No matter how they try to rationalize and spin things, the fact remains that it is the flag and the anthem they target. USAA is about American veterans and their families, who are targeted by these misguided "protests."