How can a company who only allows military to join, support the disrespect of our nation.Guess it's time to look elsewhere for our needs.


Patitucci - Our purpose in becoming a league sponsor was to honor and appreciate the military community, and that will continue to be our focus. Professional football continues to be among the most watched programming and through our sponsorship, an avenue for us to encourage America to join us in saying “thank you” to our military and their families. Please also know that we’ve contacted the NFL to emphasize the significance of the national anthem and the vital position it plays in acknowledging our country, as well as the men and women who have fought to safeguard our liberties. We value your feedback and would hate to lose your business.- Jason

Its time to stop the sponsorship of the NFL.

If USAA continues to spit on our flag and national anthem, then it is time to dump them, too.

USAA, I am a twenty-year retired navy commander, and a member since 1985 when you signed me up at OCS in Newport.  The NFL owners and league chose to support their players in a peaceful, respectful protest THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MILITARY, WOUNDED VETS, OR THE FLAG, and everything to do with raising awareness for the continuing and obvious mistreatment of POC suspects and bystanders by a few but prominent number of police officers and their commands who protect them.  If you pull your sponsorship because of that, then I will pull my business from your company after 33 years.


I am a white high school history teacher in a largely white community who will continue to tell my students that I served in a warzone so that they can remain protected under our Constitution, with the absolute essential right to peacefully and respectfully protest.  How unfortunate that other veterans and their families don't understand that they were supposed to be serving for the very same reason.  The flag is a cloth.  The people are flesh, blood and soul.  Acknowledge their injustice.  Do something to remedy it.  Then they will stand proudly, too.  This is your time to recognize it.  That's what the NFL owners did when push came to shove.  Now some of your "loyal" customers are pushing you.  Where do you stand?  On the right side of history?

They certainly have a right to protest, but they should do it on their on time - not on "company" time. We viewers are "paying" to watch the game by being exposed to and purchasing the products advertised.


We don't respect their method of protesting. What if i wanted to protest the price of cars my urinating on YOUR car. I think agree that would not be the proper way to protest.


Respectfull submitted, a 45-year member.

Glad there's someone else here that reflects that our membership is composed of people with many different political viewpoints.  Great post!!!


A 54+ year member who signed on with USAA at OCS in 1964.

I was interviewed by fox sports. I think what ppl DONT understand is ppl do  have the right to stand or NOT stand. I have a son who plays football n should he so choose to take a knee or interlock arms to show support for his team / member(s) is his choice n I support it. ITS NOT ABOUT THE FLAG... or the military.  N the reading/history of the flag says they "should" NOT they "HAVE" To stand. Its sad the whole thing. 



#I support MY son


I agree with those supporting withdrawal from sponsorship of the NFL until it changes it tolerant policy for disrespect of the Anthem.

You sir are out of touch with your customer base!  The comments here are but a tiny fraction of what people are thinking.  Furthermore USAA talking with the NFL is simply words.  Words that sound more hollow every time you say them.  It is time for action.  If you think USAA can sit on the fence on this issue you are more naive than you should be.