In the past I have not really cared about where USAA advertises but the NFL has chosen to disrepect our flag and country and I have to speak up. Their lack of patriotism is apparent and unforgivable.


I strongly object to USAA's sponsorship of the NFL. I will give USAA a little time to work it out and discontinue supporting the NFL, but if it does not stop I WILL look for somewhere else for banking and investments.

I do not want to be associated with the NFL in any way.


I have been a USAA member for almost 30 years. I became a member because of my Dad, who served in the Air Force. He is more upset than I about this and he will also take is business elsewhere if this continues.

I've been a USAA member for over 30 years and served in the military for 20.  To say I'm disappointed with USAA's continued sponsorship of the NFL and silence on the national anthem protest would be a huge understatement.  Perhaps it's time for me to look for another company to insure my two houses and two SUVs, finance my new vehicle and camper, manage several retirement investments, and provide credit card services.  It would be costly for me and my family, but my patriotism can't be bought.  You're not the only game in town USAA.  I expect to see some action or we will find another provider.

We all fought for everyone's right to free speech...on your own time! Simply stated, the NFL is not the venue to protest anything. If I, while on the job, would exercise my freedom of speech regarding anti republican, democrat, just about any gender, religious, or political agenda, I would be fired. I am at the point where USAA will be losing a small amount of total monies from me if they do not make a statement regarding the support of USA hating employees of the NFL/NFL.

I just wanted to let everyone know, since USAA doesn't publish the email addresses of the Board, I looked on Linked-In and found that Stuart Parker, USAA CEO is a member. I sent him an email there expressing my extreme displeasure with USAA's continued support of the NFL.





Take a stand against the kneelers USAA.  Take a stand while you still have military members, otherwise it might be time for some cute cartoon Eagle with a Texas accent, because you will be no different than GEICO.

In Response to a previous post on how to get a hold of Stuart Parker (CEO) of USAA by email.


He is a member of Linkedin. The email feature in Linkedin as a premium feature. I signed up for a free month trial (ironicly with a USAA credit card that I will be canceling) in order to email him. You have the option to then cancel your membership anytime in the next month before they will charge you. When you sign in to Linkedin just search his name and follow the In Mail link.


I also emailed Michael Merwarth who is the Executive Vice President for Marketing.


Hope they can find the moral courage to do the right thing.


LTC (Retired) Brian Ray


USAA uses the NFL as a platform, not to honor vets and service members, rather to increase their profits. They are putting profit before honor/patriotism.



So Nike is the first to stand by our Nation and Soldiers...



Shame on you USAA 


I'm Done


Bank of America Military is better anyway..

Just canceled all my USAA policies and services after 20+ years. Always liked USAA, but can't supoort a company that is built on the backs of vets but whose leadership can't find the backbone to take a stand for those very same customers. 

I've been with USAA for 20 years and am disgusted about the NFL sponsorship.... To watch NFL players and owners disrespect the flag and this great country because of their "protest" just plain p##### me off. If USAA is going to take their side and not the side of the U.S. military service members (aka their customers) then I recommend us service members "protest" and kick USAA to the curb. There are other companies out there that provide the same services as USAA.