To the Executive Leadership Team of USAA,

                                                                          The recent protests of disrespecting our National Anthem prior to NFL games is dispicable. As a sponsor of the NFL and your posture as a company that predominantly serves Military clients displays an incongruency. You serve the members who have lost their lives or limbs in support of our beautiful country. It may be time to end your relationship with the NFL as they lack clarity, judgement and especially RESPECT for our anthem at NFL games.

I look forward to a statement delineating your position; silence will not be tolerated. As a customer we have rights to support organizations who represent our values. I expect you as an organization to display those values and not endorse the NFL and their unpatriotic behavior.



Ms. Olga Z. Rivas  


I totally agree. I don't want one penny of my premiums or any other USAA funds going to the NFL. Time for USAA to make a stand and support its members, by dropping its NFL sponsorship. 

I'm totally with you.  But it seems USAA cares more about money than values.

Agree.   USAA stop sponsoring the NFL.  I refuse to watch an NFL game that the players neal during the national athem.

This sort of thing cannot be something supported by an organization which supports military people.  The NFL has been hijacked by people who are more interested in their twenty minutes of fame than anything legitimate.  No other employer would tolerate such a destructive, political and very public display from any of their franchises.   Since the NFL seems at a loss to protect its own business, sponsors are going to need to step up and protect themselves from the fallout that will come from the lies that fuel this phenomenon.  Supposedly, this originated as a protest about Michael Brown and the whole "hands up, don't shoot" scenario, which has since been proven false. I implore USAA to detach itself from this senseless behavior.  Perhaps if enough sponsors have the courage to remove their association, the NFL will ultimately be a salvagable entity.  But at this rate, the ship is sinking and whoever else is on it, can very well go down as well. SIGN THE PETITION

I 100% agree and would LOVE to find this petition that is being spoken of.  I would like to put my name on it!!!  I have been THOROUGHLY disgusted with USAA this past year and I have been a member for almost 32 years.  Anyone have the address?

USAA, as a veteran who has multiple products with USAA, from banking to insurance I am dishonored by your continued support of the NFL. It used to make me feel good when I concluded a conversation with one of your people and they always said, "thank you for your service". You want to thank me for my service? Honor the men and women who died for this country and stop rewarding those who disrespect it! While i'm an active football fan I will not watch another NFL game untill owners and NFL penalize players for disrespect to our country! As for USAA.......... My checking , Savings, car insurance, and homeowners insurance are with you guys and if you continue to disrespect me and the other men and women who have served and died for this country I will drop you like a hot potato!!!!

Where is the petition?

I have been a USAA customer for more than 20 years and as well as i have been treated, me and my family agree that there must be a resolution of this in the very near future. Supporting a game that has no respect for what the brave Americans have been through is unacceptable.

The disrespect from the NFL to our country is out of control.  Without the NFL, America will still endure.  Without America, the NFL is no more.  It's time for USAA to sever ties with the NFL.  It's understandable that other sponsors will attempt to ride this out before they cut their loses but it's NOT acceptable for USAA to continue the association with the NFL.