USAA September 27 / 10:54 AM Dear   


At USAA, we strongly believe it is an honor to stand during the national anthem.    We have no plans to end our role as the Official Military Appreciation Sponsor of the NFL. The NFL provides a great platform through which we can raise awareness about and appreciation for America s military and their families.    Our purpose in becoming a league sponsor was to honor and appreciate the military community, and that will continue to be our focus. Professional football continues to be among the most watched programming and through our sponsorship, an avenue for us to encourage America to join us in saying thank you to our military and their families. USAA advertising is intended to educate military and member prospects about USAA products and services, and is placed within programming that is popular with our military, veterans and their families. Advertising during NFL games allows USAA to reach a broad military audience, including those who are currently serving. Research indicates that 78% of active duty military are NFL fans, with 36% naming NFL as their favorite sport. We are more successful in our advertising when we target programs our members watch.   We are closely monitoring the events and we appreciate you taking the time to send us your concerns.    Thank you, USAA USAA means United Services Automobile Association and its affiliates.


I will be shopping around for a bank that does not stand for this nonsense.
Disgusting response from a once-great company.

But are your members still watching?

Coming from a 25+ year member, you REALLY ought to reconsider that position.  Protesting before or after the Anthem is one thing, but during?  That is sticking a knife in the backs of those you so proudly represent.

I don't think you realize how pi..ed off we are...
Your numbers are skewed...You better take another quick poll.before the Shtf

Sirs:  Cancelled my DirecTV NFL package today. I will give USAA a few more days(Friday) but I will cacel USAA if you do not drop advertising on NFL. This should be a "no brainer"!! The flag is the last sacred thing left.  

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