The USAA BoD needs to stop ignoring the voices of the members. I add my voice in demanding that USAA immediately stop all NFL sponsorships. Professional athletes can air their opinions on their own time - not during corporate sponsored games that pay these players a princely sum. And certainly not with MY dollars via USAA. Another disappointing stance by an organization that claims to support our military.
Stop it.


HRchief- Says "400 something". This explains why they have taken this stance. Being dismissive of a minority maybe we should start kneeling. Maybe the Flag would be a good way to bring attention to this dismissal and injustice. Wait, kneeling for the Flag to protest this wouldnt make any sense. SMFers. The Flag is a symbol of freedom and sacrifice and has no part to play in politcal policy.

It is very disturbing and sad that USAA would continue supporting the NFL.  What exactly does USAA get from putting money into the NFL, other than some publicity.  USAA grew very well prior to the large advertising campaign days, I'm sure it can survive without the ads during NFL games.  Quit the NFL support!  Totally unacceptable that members are leaving and the board has done nothing.

Please add me to any petition and to the growing list of members that demand to see USAA do away with their NFL sponsorship.  I have been a member for 20+ years, and I never thought I would see a day when USAA is giving millions to support an organization (NFL) that allows for blatant disrespect for another group of people.   


I can respect each and every person's right to peaceful assembly, but I will not support any movement that claims to be a "protest" under the facade of disrespect for another group, class, or race of people.  These "protestors" whether in the NFL or in Charlottesville are mistaking what they are doing as a protest, but they are only dividing communities and not uniting them under a noble cause.  


If the players decided to unite communities and come together and meet in an effort to resolve social injustice, then I would support them.  But they don't want to waste their offseason doing that.  Instead, they would rather disrespect the very people that gave them their rights to play in this free country of ours... Shame on them and shame on USAA for supporting that kind of behavior. 


Maybe we will see USAA banners at the next Charlottesville or Portland protest?   *and to be clear I don't agree or support those so-called "protest" either.  


Matt R.

Offended to still see USAA wasting members money advertising with the NFL. This doesn’t reflect the views of its membership. Still not listening to the people. Time to shift to Navy Federal for banking and clear my membership account!MAGA!!!!!
Time to start listening to your membership! MAGA!
Time for new leadership that listens to its members or just time to move my business.

Totally agree!  Please do not use USAA resources to sponsor activities of organizations that disrespect USAA members.  It's a real kick in the teeth to USAA members.

No more. Stop sponcing the NFL or anything else. Why does USAA even need to advertise outside of the military?