Been a long time member but this is disgusting.


USAA is going against is core principles by supporting an Organization that endorses hate against Americans.

After nearly 40 years with USAA guess I'm moving on. So, transfer credit card balance to a 0% interest card, no downside to that. Anybody have any recommendations for country loving, flag respecting auto insurance or investment companies  ?

USAA--your "members" love America. Why are you spendinig mmoney supprting an organization, the NFL, that every week publically demonstrates thier disdain for our great country?


Stop supporting the NFL with our money or we will remove our money from your hands.

Used to be a good brand


the current leadership is driving it into the ground - in pursuit of profit

I understand that you are probably contractually obligated to keep the sponsorship with the NFL. That being said there should have been a recourse written into the contract to be able to back out. There also should have been a public announcement condemning anthem protest. Probaly by way of commercial advertisement during games. Regardless at this point I can't help but wonder with the loss of member revenue how much loss will the NFL cost usaa. I'd bet that bonus isn't going to look good. I foresee a big drop in workforce once announced

USAA, just a business, no longer anything special.

I have been a loyal USAA member for 20 years, but don't feel like a member when I found out there stance on the NFL protest. I feel this is a slap in the face for all military personnel, since I am retired from the Army. I have multiple accounts with USAA, to include checking, savings, childrens checking accounts, grandkids savings accounts, credit card, IRA's, mutual funds, loans and car insurance, but will consider moving all assets if they don't change there ways. I can't believe USAA would rather kneel with the NFL protesters than stand with there military strong members.

USAA member for 20 years or so.  You guys have a good product, but you're not the only product in town.  I am actively searching for a replacement bank and insurance company.  You have let me down big time.  You shame me with your support of the NFL while their players deliberately take a knee during the national anthem.  STAND UP FOR YOUR NATION!  This means you, USAA.  Don't claim that you support our troops.  You disrespect them with your support of the NFL.

30+ years. Done. NFL(management, owners, coaches, etc.), NFLPA, USAA - cowards.

I support this petition because I am a veteran who respects the Flag just as I respect my fellow Americans.  Stop sending money in any form to those who disrespect the Flag!  They do not know what it is to be American!


PS - Most of my USAA bank accounts and investment accounts have been moved to other financial organizations.