Listen to your members! Do not use one penny to support the overpaid, hypocritical crybabies of the NFL and their players association

I see a lot of people talking about leaving.  I don't think you should.  USAA is a good company, and leadership teams come and go.  So, this team doesn't care what we have to say?  Stick around, these things change.


Besides that, someone on this feed is sure to organize an incumbent vote-out next election.  Be here for that.  Cast your vote.  Vote enough of this leadership team out, and the new team will figure out that it  really is the majority who want to stop sponsoring the NFL.


Don't go. 


Help the cause.

When next / how can we vote? I do not recall having the offer to vote on any USAA leadership. It is a lack therof now, with their shameful continuation of NFL sponsorship. Papa John Schnatter stated how NFL's failures are even affecting his business now. Surely this will be happening to USAA as well the longer they continue to ignore their poisoned relationship with the NFL.

As a 36 year member I am totally disgusted with the lack of action or leadership by the USAA Board in responding to the concerns of the membership.  The excuse that there is a large percentage of military members who watch the NFL and it pays to advertise to those potential new members is ridiculous. I do not believe I have ever seen any metric as to how many new members have been gained through that expenditure....I bet it has not garnered enough to stem the current membership hemmorage, and if continued sponsorship/association with futher losses. To think a pizza company has pulled their adds before a military service based company is just sad. 

Every company makes a mistake, it's how you recover from poor decisions and move on that is the true test. PLEASE pull NFL ads immediately and respect the wishes of your members before we take our business and loyalty elsewhere.

It time for this current board members and CEO to leave USAA! USAA had taken many steps backwards and failed to keep it word to the families of USAA! USAA needs to get back to it core values! Drop the NFL It is a business too and it also get special tax saving that we don't get!

9 USAA Policies

Just canceled our first.

8 to go.


It is unfortunate that supporting the NFL is more important to USAA than USAA's rich history of patriotism, loyalty, military, and veterans is.


USAA, if you were going to do the right thing, you would have done it, by now.  Please, prove us wrong.

I do not understand USAA’s sponsorship of the NFL. Even more concerning is USAA’s lack of leadership as it pertains to this subject and the many concerns raised by its members. I called USAA and specifically asked that the CEO address my concerns. I was told only that USAA has no intention of ending its sponsorship. So disappointing.... I have been a member for 30 years and USAA in no way resembles the company it used to be. I have closed my credit card that I have had since I first joined USAA and will be closing my checking, savings (including my kids accounts), and brokerage accounts. USAA has a choice with whom it chooses to do business and so do I.
I completely agree with this petition! Stand for the flag! Kneel for Jesus!!!!
USAA Leadership, as a 44-year member and substantial customer and stakeholder, it is time to listen to your membership and cease supporting the NFL. As long as NFL leadership tacitly supports players' protest of our flag and national anthem, I cannot continue to have my company contribute. Please understand this is a warning that your continued support of the NFL, regardless of the lucrative advertising venue, I will terminate my membership.