I completely agree with this petition! Stand for the flag! Kneel for Jesus!!!!

I implore USAA to pull all funding from the NFL. Our money is better spent on a more deserving and appreciative organization. USAA, pull all funding from the NFL!
It turns my stomach to see USAA support the NFL. This should stop.
What ever gave the USAA management the idea that a majority of the members would support such nonsense and disrespect by the NFL.

Take a stand against the disrespect of our flag.

Founders of USAA must be rolling in their graves right now. I cannot believe that this company would choose money over respect for the one piece of capital they hold dearest which are service members and veterans.
Freedom of speech we fought for. Discarding our country we would die for. So please tell the NFL if ylhvwant to take a knee get out.
I am very concerned about USAA's support for this anti-American organization called the NFL. I've been a member of USAA for nearly 30 years and it would be a pain to change everything to a different company but I'm considering such a move. How can USAA support the NFL? These kneeling cry baby millionaires spit on the graves of the fallen.

As the wife of a United States Army Veteran who served his country and almost gave his life and as a former police officer myself, I cannot keep supporting your company if you keep supporting the NFL. I picked you as a credit card and as my insurance company based on your service toward the military and veterans. If you continue to support the insult that is the NFL as they take a knee during our anthem and show no respect toward our flag, country, military and police, I will be forced to change my insurance and I will be paying off my credit card bill and parting company with you. If you don't have the scruples to stand behind your members and customers, then I cannot stand behind you. Do not think for a minute that you are not being boycotted. I have found that most people don't take the time to write letters and that for every letter received, there are 100 not written. Your reputation is on the line in the LEO and Military community. Stand up for what you believe in.


These entitled and cowardly NFL athletes have no honor, no valor, no integrety, and no clue! Their actions are against their signed employment contracts. Their actions are against NFL policies. If the average citizen were to take such controvercial actions at the workplace they would be FIRED! If I did this at work I would be fired. I spoke with a USAA representative today who could not tell me his personal opinion on the subject (even though he is a Vet) because he would be FIRED. But these athletes believe they are better than the rest of us. They are a law unto themselves. So they can get away with this behaviour because they are rich and famous. Like the aristocrats of old. Their values are NOT my values! And I do not believe they should be USAA"s values.


Those values are NOT what our flag stands for. It is not what your couragous, honorable, honest, and loyal military members stand for, fought for, and others died for.  It is not what I stand for. USAA"s sponsorship pays these athletes to hurt and offend many, and it pays them to protest at work; something the rest of us cannot do. If USAA continues this sponsorship I will take all of my accounts elsewhere, because I won't let them do it with MY money.