To anyone who reads this...

   Please take a second to really think about having USAA as your banking institution.


I have been looking for part time employment because I am a full time student and needed money to supplement the little income I have from being a Reservist.  I came across this ad for mystery shopper...  Most people know what mystery shopper is and that it is a pretty cool deal, you shop, give feed back and get paid for it... Seems legit right?  Typically it is, however in this case, this specific company was a scam.  They sent me all the information along with a Treasurer's Check for over $2000, and the instructions for my first assignment.  The assignment was to purchase stuff from walmart and send my list of what I puchased along with what I experienced at Walmart.  The second portion of my assignment was to purchase 4 money pak cards with $500 each on them.  So I deposited the check into my USAA account using deposit at mobile and happily went about my duties.  I went to walmart and did my shopping, then I went to CVS to purchase the cards, the clerk told me that I had to use cash and that I could not use my debit/credit card to purchase the moneypak cards.  So I went home, contacted USAA and told them what I was doing....  Exactly what I was doing and explained in detail to the guy that I talked to about mystery shopper and the tasks that they have you do.  He happily increased my ATM withdrawl limit, and told me good luck with my mystery shopper assignments.   I went the next day to CVS and purchsed all four after with drawing the $2000 from my account.  I purchased the cards, sent the info to the mystery shopper and received my next assignment two day later.  This time it was to use a money transfer system and to purchase a few more money pak cards... And I was to evaluate the services I received from the clerks.  I was unable to complete the task that first day and then I started receiving phone calls and emails from them.  Asking me about completing my task.  I began to have second thought about it, and talked to my husband.  I checked my account and noticed that the money I had in my savings account was now a negative balance.  I called USAA and asked them what was going on.  They told me that the check had bounced and that I was responsible to repay the funds....  Here are a few problems with this.

#1: USAA made the funds available to me IMMEDIATELY..

#2: USAA's idea of check verification is looking at the rounting and account numbers and if they are legit the check goes through...

#3: USAA increased my ATM withdrawl limit to over $2000 for this...

#4: The people that work for USAA have NO IDEA this is even a scam until I tell them about it.  The executive resolutions team does but not the regular banking people you encounter.

#5: USAA has fraud insurance and this is fraud but they are unwilling to cover this because it is the member's fault.

#6: USAA is supposed to protect your money, they are the banking institution and they are supposed to verify checks are legit before allowing funds to be used....  They don't... If you are a good member and have good banking history with USAA they will let you get into a bind and do NOTHING to help you.. Good luck paying your bills...

#7: If you are a victim of a scam like this USAA WILL treat you like a criminal.  They will be rude and disrespectful to you on the phone.  You WILL be locked out of your account... Good luck paying your bills....

# 8:  USAA's associates have NO CLUE about 75-80% of the scams that are out there. Furthermore they do not educate the members because "We just don't have the employees or the time to do so". 


USAA needs to educate members about scams that become trends.

USAA needs to have beefier security for the deposit at mobile check deposits.

USAA needs to enforce holds on ALL member's checks for a minimum of three days prior to access to funds.  If you need the money go cash it at walmart.... They will cash your check.

USAA needs to have better access to scam notifications for members.


The bottom line is USAA does not care about their members.. and  I would really reconsider having them as my bank....  Also if you do read this please make sure that you are educating your lower enlisted member of the scams that are going around because there is so much more than just the Home Depot scam or the Target scam.... People need to know....


If you have had this happen to you contact me.

Thanks for reading.



You are just angry because you fell for a scam. Usaa can not protect a user from everything out there. Chalk it up as a lesson learned
Bottom line don't cash checks you get from people you don't know. Simple.

For all the haters out there....  I am angry that I fell for scam yes... I am even more angry that USAA has treated me like a criminal considering Mystery Shopper is a LEGITIMATE JOB...  Look it up XXXXXXXX....  The reason I didn't cash the check at walmart is because Mystery Shopper is a REAL JOB....  The check looked, and felt real, Just like the ones the IRS used to send when they sent physical checks for your tax refunds....  This is another reason why I didn't question the validity of the check...  USAA did not put a hold on the checks because I am a "good member".  Ha Ha!!! Screw you USAA is this how you treat your good members?  By screwing them over, charging them MORE MONEY!  and locking them out of their accounts and their credit card?  Seriously?  Screw you.....  I can not wait to have this settled and leave USAA.... This is not protecting my money or my assets.....

I understand its a real job, however they dont give you a 2000 dollar check and then have you buy stuff and send those items to them.


They ask you to buy something from the store that is between 5-20 bucks and they reimubse you for the purchase.


Since you want to continue blaming USAA for you getting scammed here is information about fake checks and the FTC (federal trade commission)


You and Your Bank — Who is Responsible for What?

Under federal law, banks generally must make funds available to you from U.S. Treasury checks, most other governmental checks, and official bank checks (cashier’s checks, certified checks, and teller’s checks), a business day after you deposit the check. For other checks, banks must make the first $200 available the day after you deposit the check, and the remaining funds must be made available on the second business day after the deposit.

However, just because funds are available on a check you’ve deposited doesn’t mean the check is good. It’s best not to rely on money from any type of check (cashier, business or personal check, or money order) unless you know and trust the person you’re dealing with or, better yet — until the bank confirms that the check has cleared. Forgeries can take weeks to be discovered and untangled. The bottom line is that until the bank confirms that the funds from the check have been deposited into your account, you are responsible for any funds you withdraw against that check.


So as you can see from the FTC statement, its can take a while to figure out a check is not real.  THIS CAN HAPPEN AT ANY BANK!


Also since you have been scammed you should follow the section after that titled 


If You Think You’re a Victim

Be angry, but don't burn bridges.  You're the one that didn't research the offer.  USAA,or whomever, is not a babysitter.  Learn the lesson, and move up.

That which is to good to be true IS.  This scam has many forms and you justly should feel violated by it. I hope you didn't actually send any or all of the merchandise to the scam artist until the check cleared. I was once scammed out of $50 fifty years ago; best money I ever spent.  No one has ever scammed me again (believe me they have tried). Sorry you had to lose so much. USAA did not scam you. Overcome the anger and let it work for you.