Hello USAA Community, need some advice:

I'm a military retiree moving to Oahu in Jan. Working at Shafter. Wife will join in Feb with our 2 cats.

Looking for short term furnished rental (month to month) that I (then we) can stay in while looking for a longer lease as a modest shipment arrives. Month to month could be a small as 1 bed/1 Bath ohana with a kitchenette. Prefer A/C.  

Considering Kaneohe, Kailua, Salt Lake, or alternatively,  somewhere between NW Honolulu and Wakiki and as far S as Diamond Head. Map recon seem to suggest these neighborhoods on H3 or South H1 axis. Thoughts?


Seeking advice on location, and reliable realtor assistance, websites or any other thoughts about how to find a good place. Thanks!



I just moved here in July and work at Shafter too. I would not live west of Shafter. My deputy lives in Salt Lake and it takes him 40-60 min to go two exits sometimes at night. We live on the Punchbowl-found our house through Craigslist. I would look at Punchbowl, Kaimuki, Kahala, and Hawaii Kai. They get progressively further from post, but the traffic is not that bad going west at night.



When you say, " I would look at Punchbowl, Kaimuki, Kahala, and Hawaii Kai. They get progressively further from post, but the traffic is not that bad going **west** at night." I think you meant "not that bad going **east** at night - right?

Also, what are your thoughts about NE, around Kaneohe or Kailua?

Very much appreciate your observations. Any other thoughts about what you wish you knew before you arrived?







     E komo mai!


     If you haven't already, take a look at the state's pet quarantine requirements and get started with your vet:



     I understand you on A/C, but the home's layout (tradewind breezes) and altitude can do the job in many locations.  Don't judge a rental solely on its air conditioning.  


     All of those neighborhoods are good, but you'll pay for location and commuting distance.  For example Salt Lake makes it much easier to commute by bicycle, while Kaneohe may be cheaper (with a longer drive over H-3 and no bicycling).  In addition to AHRN (an excellent source), try MilitaryByOwner and VRBO.  You may even find a longer-term rental on AirBnB.  As a military retiree, you can start off at the Navy Lodge on Ford Island (space available) or at the Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki while you're looking at places.


     Do you have a local "sponsor" at Fort Shafter?  I'd ask them about the possibility of renting base housing for DoD employees.  Iriquois Point is one example (although not such a good commute) and they may know of more Shafter-friendly options.


     I may be preaching to the choir, but talk to USAA about your vehicle and personal-property insurance while they're in transit.


      Subscribe to the Star-Advertiser online to learn our local vocabulary, geography, and current events.  You can join the HawaiiThreads.com forums to ask more questions of local residents.  I've also written extensively about life in Hawaii with more resources linked in the posts and at the ends of the posts:




Check AHRN.com for rentals or sale. Aloha and Good Luck.


Thanks - will do. We used AHRN some years ago to rent our property in VA and it seemed to work well. Appreciate the reminder.