Holiday Command Party season is upon us, in addition to the upcoming celebrations for the National Guard Birthday December 13th.


Do you look forward to attending a Command Holiday party or Military Ball or do you consider it mandatory fun?


What is your most memorable Military Ball moment?


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One of my most memorable ball moments was when I went to the ball solo 8 months pregnant (my husband was deployed). It was comical to witness the slow but steady congregating of fellow pregnant attendees. We shared due dates, had a few laughs about our swollen feet and then unabashedly each indulged second helping of cake!

The most memorable moment at Military Balls for me? The beginning of the ceremony (standing at attention) while the National Anthem was being played and staring at the most beautiful flag (in my opinion) in the world--and reminding myself what each of the meaning of those symbols on it. The time dedicated to recognize all those who made the ultimate sacrifice, those still MIA, and the families who suffered the loss of loved ones in the process. It was a constant reminder (TO ME) of all the sacrifices that our military members, veterans and families made for over a century--and continue to do so today--so others can enjoy their freedom. I look at my flag (flown over the Capital back on 4/30/2011) everyday as a reminder of that--and that our military is still working hard to keep us safe and protect those freedoms that many still take for granted today--like abusing/desecrating the flag for a particular cause.

Thank you for your comment USAF_Ret.

Dancing with my lovely wife at the 29th Support Group Christmas Ball in Kaiserslautern Germany. She wore a beautiful green holday dress and the military/holiday/Germany vibe was really memorable. We have a great portrait somewhere around here :-)

That is such a lovely memory, AMVET ET. Thank you for sharing :) -Vanessa

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