I don't what you all did, but in payees/accounts I had set up in billpay, whenever I went in to the "modify payee" for a specific payee the complete information for that payee was visible i.e. name, nickname, account number, addess, etc...


Now the account number, where it previously displayed the complete number, only shows a " * " followed by the last 4 of the account number.  This is very incovenient for me.  I have so many accounts, including credit cards, that I don't carry the cards or the account numbers with me.  The old way, if I needed the account number for a particular payee of mine, I could log in and then go to the "modify payee" and see the number (very helpful when calling the company and inputting the account number to access account info via their automated system). 


I am assuming that you all did this as an extra security feature.  Well, with as many different proceedures and questions I need to answer to log in to view my accounts I don't see why this is necessary.  Can you please return it to the old system?




Thank you for your comment regarding USAA Web BillPay . Due to the nature of your post, a service specialist would be in the best position to address your concern. As such, we ask that you please click here http://bit.ly/WbcBD2 to provide us with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722.

Having the same issue.  Having to call in to a "specialist" and go through the traps just to talk to someone about a mailing address.  Ridiculus.  Just one more reason to quit using USAA for simple bill paying tasks. 

OK, I have to voice my frustrration with everyone else on this post.  The inability to view paytee information is cauing me to have to delete and reset up 7 different payees because their account numbers changes due to a split of companies.  Wht is the purpose?  I don't have time to do this type of stuff.  Bill pay was supposed to be easy to use and modify by the user.  Getting to a point where after 17 years with USAA bank, I am about fed up with the changes and the challenges of using the site.  I use Chase in my companies and am thinkinbg of transfering everything over to that bank as banking with USAA is getting harder and harder every month.  To top it off - still no Winbdow 8 or 8.1 mobile app.  Can't see how it takes years to develop a new app.

I just used "Modify this Payee". You go to the "Pay Bills" page, click on the payee you want to modify, and then under that will appear "Bill Management" with four options, one of which is "Modify this Payee".

Please help.  I use to be able to modify a payee.  It should be a simple process, but once again USAA changes the system and does not let their members know.


Please someone at USAA let me know how to change/delete a Payee.