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Anjali: I’m Anjali Sharma.


Jonathan: I’m Jonathan Hagerman. Congratulations on your graduation from basic training. 


Anjali: You’ve achieved what very few have dared to attempt. Thanks in advance for all you’ll do to protect our great nation. 


Jonathan: I want you to know that USAA is here for you.


Anjali: USAA has been serving the military community for nearly 100 years.


Jonathan: I have personal experience having USAA pre- and post-deployments. 


Anjali: In fact, our membership offers exclusive benefits, products and discounts for U.S. military members and their eligible family members. 


Jonathan: Now that I’m a USAA employee, I know that everything we do at this company is driven by our intense desire to serve and to help you.


Anjali: It’s our honor to be here for you during your time in uniform and beyond. 



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