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As you begin your military career, readiness will be the word of the day. 


• Are you ready for your first PCS?

• Are you ready for the next inspection?

• Are you ready to deploy?


No sweat, right? Well, there’s one piece of readiness no one should slack on: protecting your life, loved ones and possessions.


When it comes to the stuff you own or are responsible for, ask yourself, “Could I replace everything today without going into debt?” For most of us, the answer is no. That’s why we reduce the financial risk of a loss by having insurance. Pay a small amount of what something is worth and someone else foots the bill to replace it in case of a covered loss.


Here are the top things we recommend getting insurance for:


1. Military Equipment


Upon checking in to a new unit you’ll go through the Central Issue Facility and receive your gear. You’re now responsible for that gear until you’re required to check it back in. For some servicemembers, that gear can add up fast and losses are an unfortunate reality. 


Let’s take it, from head to toe, on Marine Corps Sgt. Jason Anderson:


• Helmet, $322

• Uniform, $67.65

• Boots, $105

• Body armor, $1,620

• Fully equipped rucksack, $1,031.15

• Nuclear, biological and chemical gear, $341.75

• Walkie-talkie, $578

• M-16 rifle, $586


If you put every penny of your salary toward paying back an entire loss of equipment, it could take months to pay it off. That’s a huge risk you can reduce by paying a company to insure your possessions.


2. Military and Civilian Clothing


Did you know you can insure your service uniform in case of a loss, damage or if it’s stolen? It hurts to pay for it the first time, so imagine having to do it again because of an unfortunate circumstance that could have been covered through insurance.


3. Personal Electronics


Whether you’re living in the barracks, on-base housing or off base, you’re at a potential risk for your personal electronics to be stolen or damaged. Your smartphone, computer, gaming system and sound system are just a few examples of personal electronics that you can insure.


4. Car and Motorcycle Insurance


Don’t skip protection for your car or motorcycle. Accidents happen and even a simple fender bender can cause hundreds of dollars or more in damage. Also, this insurance is mandatory in most states.


Insurance lets you quickly recover and replace or repair your valuable possessions. And it’s usually not as expensive as you think – and well worth the money. 


Military life can be risky enough without the additional peril of being uninsured.


Let someone else protect your possessions so you can focus on being ready for the challenges and opportunities that come with your time in uniform. 



USAA has been serving the military community for nearly 100 years. USAA can help you protect your life, loved ones and possessions all in one place. It’s our honor to be here for you during your military career and beyond.


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