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By now, you know that life in the military demands your full focus, every day.


Beyond the endless routines there’s also the need to be ready for change – a PCS, a deployment or a shift in duties. That’s a ton of responsibility, so who’s got time to become an expert on insurance policies?


Visualize that you’re getting settled into your first duty station. You’ve got your routine down pat and now you’re thinking about a new car. Making sure you can afford that car AND protect it is crucial.  It is important to get insurance personalized for where you live, your unique needs and with options that fit your budget.


Decisions you make with your insurance can have an impact on your budget and financial well-being. When choosing coverage, the lowest possible premium sounds nice, but there’s a trade-off – it means a higher deductible you’ll be on the hook for in case of an accident.


Without an emergency fund in place, you could be starting down the path of dependence on credit cards, feeding a cycle of debt by spending more than you earn each month. Scary stuff.


But whether it’s getting coverage in place or filing a claim, you should feel confident whether at home or away that your insurer understands your unique needs. The process should be easy, and you should be able find the help you need to get peace of mind and back to your daily routine.


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USAA has been serving the military community for nearly 100 years. We are committed to delivering world-class products and services for your personal situation and financial needs. That comes with our team of representatives who will give you what you need, when you need it and without all the jargon. It’s our honor to be here for you during your military career and beyond.


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