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Look around your room. You likely have a computer, a smartphone, clothing and personal items you’d want to replace if they were lost or damaged.

Most Americans are trying to manage their living costs, balancing how to save more and spend less, so something like replacing a stolen laptop can significantly disrupt your finances. Having the right insurance in place can help you stay on track.


Renters insurance covers much more than your personal property, so it’s good to know the benefits in place that protect your budget:


1. Replacement cost coverage allows you to replace older items that are stolen, destroyed or damaged with newer ones

2. Food and lodging costs are covered if you’re displaced from your home

3. Flood and earthquake coverages are included

4. Military uniforms and gear are covered

5. Liability coverage can help protect your financial assets and future income


Without insurance, your wallet takes the hit and you may end up being reliant on credit cards that could take years to pay off.


The good news is that renters insurance is affordable and easy to get. For about the cost of a pizza a month, you can protect your possessions with a policy.


Your property and financial well-being are important. Protect them with a renters insurance policy that’s right for your needs.


USAA has been serving the military community for nearly 100 years. USAA offers competitively priced options and billing that matches your pay schedule₁. It’s our honor to be here for you during your military career and beyond.



₁ Restrictions may apply to installment payment options.


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