My husband's homecoming date just got changed and it now falls during a brief trip I am taking as a final requirement for my masters degree. Since we are PCSing shortly after he gets home, this will be my last opportunity to finish my requirements for my degree. If I don't go, I don't graduate. This is our third deployment in four years and I couldn't imagine missing it even though I will be home a few days later. I don't know whether I am looking for advice or support. I guess a little of both. I feel like a failure as a wife if I'm not there for him and I know it will take me a long time to get over it, but I need to finish my degree. He says I should go and I know that I have to but I am just devastated.


As military spouses we can't wait to celebrate homecoming, we even create countdown calendars to mark the occasion! Your feeling of being torn is completely normal and understandable!! Your husband sounds very understanding and supportive. It's wonderful you found a way to work towards and finish your degree! We are here to support you and encourage you. You are not a failure if you miss homecoming. If your spouse missed the birth of your child during a deployment would he be a failure as a father? No, he would not. We do the best we can to navigate life with the crazy deployment schedules we are given. I'm hoping the homecoming date slips and they are delayed which would make life easier, however even if they come home right on time I imagine the reunion will be just as sweet when he picks YOU up from the airport or is waiting for YOU at the end of the driveway! Hugs and Congrats! :)

Girl you are not a failure first of all! You have to always remember that we do have lives too and they understand that. When my husband returned from deployment they changed his return date like 10 times! Just pray that they will delay his return or he will come earlier. You are doing what is best for your lives and future! Have a professional photographer go and take pictures...  Maybe you can even have someone skype it. Congrats on accomplishing something that not a lot of people have done! Your military family is proud of you & welcome home to your man! -Brittany Hollander