What would be the best route to claim broken items that TMO movers broke? Could I use renters insurance? Many of our things were broken and are irreplaceable. Help please


The best route is to claim them through the transportation office and they will help you file a claim through the proper channels wether it is DPS or through the mover directly. Always use your transportation office for assistance and do not accept no for an answer. Ensure you place proper values on the items and ask appropriately to get what you desire for the items because the moving company can get into a bargaining war over the value they will give you. Keep this in mind especially if you have items that are "priceless" that we're broken. If you have any problems at all than escalate through the transport office and ask for supervisors!
I was patient when filing through TMO and it paid off bigtime. They "forgot about my claim" but when I pointed it out to them months later they paid everything in full that day, no questions asked. The estimates I gave is what TMO paid out. Very nice. Don't do a renters claim. Jason

First question, who packed the item? You are responsible for what you pack, so make sure the mover packs everything. Second, make sure high value items are declared and indicated on the inventory as such. Might cost a little more for specific insurance, but well worth it. Make sure operating condition is indicated on mechanical/electronic items. Look closely at the contract you are moving under. For example, if you use wardrobes to pack clothing, they are not reuseable and are to be new. Same with boxes holding mattresses and pillows. You are responsibible for determing value of items. We had a valuable item damaged, but the cost of an appraisal far exceede the value of the item. Value can not be stimated or based on opinion. It has to be documented and validated and provided with claim. If you did not declare it on inventory you are out of luck. Absolutely do not use a private mover, stick with the TMO. That makes the government responsible and not some fly by night with no resources. Above all, make sure that you declare professional books, papers and equipment. They are not included in the total allowed weight of the shipment and in the event of an excess weight charge can be a considerable savings.