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To Whom it May Concern at USAA,

     There seems to be no way I can find to contact the CEO or Board of Directors with concerns.  Several days ago, I posted a letter to them on this site as a Post labeled NFL sponsorship, and I really do  want it to make it to them, so I'm asking for a USAA team member to please respond and let me know that it has gotten routed, and hopefully to also respond to the substance of the message.  For the ease of routing, I will repost that message below, and if you would respond I would appreciate it.  Thank you.


To the CEO Mr. Parker and USAA Board of Directors,


            Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.  As we have all been servicemen, I know we share a love for America.  Knowing that, I ask you each individually, as one soldier to another, to think carefully about what I have to say.  I believe USAA has a unique opportunity to speak some words that our increasingly divided nation needs desperately to hear at this time.  Unfortunately, I also believe those words need to be accompanied by a withdrawal of our sponsorship of the NFL.


            All of us who are members of USAA are affiliated with the military in some way or another; many of us have served, many of us have family who served.  Some of us have dedicated our adult lives to serving the United States.  I believe all of us USAA members are patriotic and I am certain the majority of us feel we should not be affiliated an organization which is disrespectful to our soldiers, our flag and our country, and I write to ask that you withdraw USAA sponsorship from the NFL.  I know that many of my fellow USAA members share these sentiments, and are passionate about them, for this is our country.  I believe this should be a very public withdrawal, and suggest that a message something like the following one should accompany its announcement: 


            We believe in free speech.  This is one of the rights our members have risked their lives to protect.  We truly know that free expression is critical to our nation’s well being and continued freedom, yet we also have the right to express our opinion by revoking our sponsorship of the National Football League.  We cannot support an organization that is openly disrespectful to our flag, our nation and our soldiers.  Our hope at USAA is for the NFL to be a place where America comes together again, as for fifty years it was quite literally did.  Even after a game, Americans came together frequently during the following week to discuss the skill and prowess of the athletes, and the hopes for their teams.  For years the NFL has been a contest that brought Americans together, yet sadly, now it is driving them apart. 

We look for an NFL that reminds us that we are all Americans, an NFL that is concerned about being respectful to the flag, the nation and our soldiers.  We want to point out that simply saying that kneeling during our national anthem isn’t disrespectful, doesn’t make it so, any more than calling a horse’s tail a leg would mean it has five legs.  We look forward to a time when the NFL is a force for unity again, and should that happen, we will consider becoming sponsors once more.   Until then, we encourage the NFL to return to its fine tradition of uniting Americans as a place where we can all come together.


            The main thrust of this letter is to ask that we withdraw from NFL sponsorship.  We are the patriots and defenders of this nation.  We are the ones who have put our lives in jeopardy to defend her.  We are the ones who have lost friends and brothers in arms.  We are the ones who need to stand and say to our fellow countrymen “We are on the wrong track.  We need to unite, and not divide this nation.”  We are, after all, the torch bearers of freedom and patriotism throughout this land.  This is who we are.  If we do not stand and address the NFL’s denigration of our flag and our country, I don’t believe anyone will.  Our nation certainly needs our leadership here.  Let’s not let her down.


Concur, too bad USAA has their own agenda and cares more about perception than what is right. Well written.
I honestly don't know how I got to read your letter but I truly think your thoughts are very one sided. If you start you letter off with you fought for freedom of speech than let people have there freedom of speech. If you don't agree with it than that's you but that's what we all served for including myself. Your not getting the bigger picture, these players aren't disrespecting you or me when they are taking a knee, they are peacefully protesting their rights and trying to make a change aginst racism. And yes I am black and a female, so yea I get it maybe a little more than you would. But if you want to write something, write your local congressman about President Trump telling a spouse who's husband just died over seas to deal with it, because he knew what he signed up for......

sds, you sound like you don't believe the poster should have freedom of speach.  If you and your traitors want to be free to disrespect this country then we should be free to show the same disrespect to you!

 Good response.  It is unforunate that we have become so divided.  For many,  what they believe is so strong that  facts only get in the way of  their misplaced beliefs.    


          I actually don't say the NFL members have no right to express themselves, but I did say it is our right to respond, in this case by not sponsoring the NFL anymore.  I do get it - no matter what you say about dis-honoring the flag, that is still what kneeling during the anthem is.  There is even U.S. code (law) saying you should stand for the anthem. 

Fly-Guns, very well written and on point!
To sds:

I don’t care if you are a purple transgender person! Race has nothing to do with disrespect to our flag and the nation it stands for. Yes, we in America have free speech, no one is arguing that fact. What the majority of people on this site are saying is that kneeling for the anthem is highly disrespectful! And just because you don’t think it is disrespectful doesn’t mean it isn’t disrespectful to me or the others that have been expressing their concerns
To my good friend "Disappointed77", I'd recommend you not reply to any of the New USAA Members. I'm concerned your blood pressure will get dangerously high and we can't afford to loose any traditional members. Just leave it alone.

To Fly_Guns: I support you 100% but I'm not sure you understand what is going on here. If you want to get that letter of yours to the USAA CEO, there is a way to do it. Get in your car, drive to San Antonio, go to the USAA HQs building, then try to walk to the CEO's Office. As soon as the first security guard stops you then ask him if he would be kind enough to bring your letter to the CEOs Office after he throws you out of the building. That's the best chance you have of getting your letter to the CEO. While your waiting for a response on this forum I'd recommend you not hold your breath.

The only way we can survive as members of the New USAA is with a sense of humor.
Take Care

There is a problem at USAA and many other LARGE organizations; too many managers for whom the only objective is the $$$$$$'s in their pocket, and a total Absence of LEADERSHIP!   Management may be the science of running a business but leadership is the art.  On a very basic level : you manage THINGS and you lead PEOPLE (Note : that includes customers).   

What's his face, Parker is a prime example of what is wrong in business today- an absolute lack of LEADERSHIP.

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