I've spent 20 minutes trying to find membershop off my usaa app. And I'm tech savvy. It shouldn't be this hard!


Found it! I took a guess - bottom of the app:

Scroll to the bottom (I takes a few seconds for everything to load)


Also top of app - Browse all products and services, scroll down to shopping and discounts.

Thank you, Taspole for helping out!

if you think it's hard finding where to spend your rewards, try just finding the rewards.  no easy task at all

Dear itsme12,


USAA Rewards cardholders can redeem points on usaa.com as follows:

  1. Access usaa.com and click My Accounts.
  2. Click the Underlined name of the Appropriate Account
  3. Click the View Your USAA Rewards Account and Redeem Points link on the Account Summary page.  (This is on the right side of the page)
  4. On the Points Redemption page, click one of the redemption options and follow the process through to confirmation.






The USAA Rewards Services Center may be accessed online at usaa.com or by phone at (800) 980-USAA (8722).


I hope this helps! Thank you