May I add my mom to my auto insurance even if she does not live with me or in the same state? Can I add her to my bank account and will that make her a member?


Alaskan Sis;


1. While only Veterans can become what I call Prime Members, the Prime Members may add their Parent (as well as others) to their Profile by clicking here (scroll down to bottom). Doing so will result in them being givin their own Member Number, which they will use to create their own login id and password.


  • NOTE: Family members only have view or update access to your USAA accounts and policies if you previously requested it.

2. As for adding your Mom to your auto insurance you will need to call them at 1-800-531-USAA (8722) and speak to one of USAA's Member Service Representatives whom will be happy to assist you.


Hope I have helped.

How do you go about requesting the View only access to family member?

Mophios, if you add a family member to your bank account as a joint account holder they will have full access to the account. They can create an online ID and password to view and access the account online.