My father served in WWII.   Back then, USAA didn't allow enlisted personnel to be part of USAA.  I guess they were not "good" enough.  I tried to join the Air Force in 1977 after graduating from college.  But was told that since the Vietnam War was over, they didn't need anyone.   Today, I have three children, all of which are officers in the Air Force, currently serving our country here and abroad.  My family has been living and supporting the military life of our children for over 15 years.  


Current USAA membership rules don't apply to parents of military personnel.  Why is that?  We are just as big a part in our children's service to their country as a spouse or child of any military person.  We have made similar sacrifices, as two of my three children are currently serving overseas.  USAA should have some respect for the people who raised our current generation of service men and women.  Open up your memebership to any child or parent of someone who has or who is serving in the military.   If we don't support our military families (parents and children), eventually we won't have a military at all.      


Hi PNM, thank you for taking the time to post and share your suggestion regarding our eligibility. We know that being the parent of a military member is a great honor and we appreciate your children's service to our country. At this time, eligibility is passed down from an eligible member down to children. While our eligibility guidelines have changed over the years, the suggestions our members provide play a key role in any future changes. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you! -Marisa