I hope this gets forwarded to the right dept/people. I just wanted to say thank you to USAA for being here for me financially as I became a Widow last year. I have been working to get many things taken care of beyond just my healing. Part of the moving forward has been working on my credit score and potentially, in the near future, a home loan. USAA gave me a credit card shortly after my husband passed, which has helped me. They also gave me a personal loan, (which I have paid back) and that too helped me. USAA now just increased my credit limit and it means a lot to me. This all is helping me. Thank you for the support. Even if in this manner only, it means a great deal to me to know I have been able to count on them to help.
Thank you kindly,
Brandee Johnson- Member Since 98'


I can't imagine having to go through losing your love, partner, and best friend like that Brandee.  My condolences to you, respectfully.  I am very glad to hear that we have been assisting you through this difficult time, however.  Actually, I'm proud to hear this!  Please continue to reach out at anytime, and we will be more than happy to assist you.  You're long membership since 1998 is both appreciated and well respected.  I have also forwarded your comments for further review and recognition.  Thanks so much.  -  Justin

Thank you Justin. That is very kind of you to write these thoughtful words. I know I'm not the only one who goes through this, but having any support in any form does help. Thanks again for the kind response. I've been telling people today about USAA being so helpful to me. I've always had great sevice, but this is special to me.

Very much appreciated response.