Need va medical, how do I go about getting that?


Contact the Coordinator at your local VA health care facility or call us at 1-877-222- VETS (8387).

do not attempt to recieve anything from the philippines outpatient clinic or the regional office in manila because of policy changes veterans are no longer entertained at the new manila v.a. clinic.

who does a va facility serve if not veterans?  Sounds like a scam.

VA facilities are not scams.  They only serve Veterans and their families.  It's best to go there.  They can and will help.  I am 90% disabled and unemployable and I get treated the same as 100%.

Easiest way is to walk into any VA medical facility (you can call also). They have people that can walk you through it.
I love my Island of PR. I hope that I will be put to rest there when I die.
Make sure u have DD214 to register for VA healthcare.

To the extent you are willing and able, stay clear of the VA system.