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Moving is often a pain, especially if you decide to do it yourself! I understand that one of the main motivations to a DITY move is the potential to make a little bit of money. We have done a fully DITY (just moving my husbands belongings-not too profitable) and more recently partial DITYs (moving some of our own items, mostly personal valuable items). I know you have to be careful about the money you spend to make your own move, what are your tips to making the most (money) out of your DITY move?


We just PCS'd from San Diego to Montgomery, AL. A DITY move seemed very attractive to us because my husband was moving first while I finished work in San Diego so it would give us the flexibility of time and money (or so we hoped). We moved in November, and we still have not been reimbursed the $7000+ it cost to move our family (with three dogs) across country. My husband has been trying to track down the reimbursement on a daily basis without luck. We're trying to buy a house, so this is a terrible time to be out $7,000! I highly recommend just letting the military move you. I believe that they still give you $3000 just for your own travel expenses, etc. Unless you can afford to wait for hopeful reimbursement....
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