When I started with USAA the benefits were great. One of which was debit card cash back. It was disappointing to lose. Now I see that USAA is cutting benefits on me Platinum card in half or more. Master rental and Travel Accident. Don't remember last to I saw the profit split at the end of the year. USAA is becoming just like any other bank/insurance provider very disappointing.


I agree! Got a letter today for both of my credit cards. All it does is make me want to use them less. And I don't believe that this was a result of a member survey at all. It only makes it worse by making it out to be a customer choice. On my AMEX it said they removed the theft/accident protection for the first 90 days. Who in their right mind would not want that?? They replaced it with ID theft protection, which is not even on the same level as benefits go. Looks like I will be exploring other options from now on.