Looking to hire movers (Philadelphia/San Francisco) - need recommendations/tips

This will be my first hiring movers (I'm a reservist moving without military coordination). Because of job commitments, we'll need to hire movers. We don't have time to do it ourselves. Looking for any recommendations from others who have used a moving service (full service or upack). 






I usually don't post on community boards but thought I share this with you. If you are moving yourself be sure to purchase your own insurance for your HH goods. Dont rely on your USAA Property Insurance (if you have one) to cover anything. 


Before my move I specifically contacted USAA Property Insurance and told them I was doing a PPM/DITY for my PCS. I was looking at renting PODS/Trailer, pack my HH Goods and have then ship for me.  Asked if my rental insurance with USAA would cover damage/theft of my HH Goods or did I need additional insurance from the carrier. Was told on 2 occasions that I was covered. Trusting USAA I didn't get the additional insurance. Post move with several damage and stolen items, I am now being told a USAA claims Rep is now stating that none of my HS Goods is covered and I am pretty much SOL. Was told that I dumb for not reading the fine print of the contract. This unforgettable experience has seriously eroded my trust in this company. Again I recommend you get sufficient ans specific insurance for HH Goods if moving yourself. Rental insurance with USAA will not work.