Looking for Benefits / Discounts for Military and Vets? Share Yours Too!

Have you ran into great businesses that offer valid and ongoing discounts to military members and veterans? We want to hear about it! Post/tell us about your story here and email us at Contact@Mil-PG.com to ensure they are “on the list”. We are consolidating this list both nationally and by zip code and it already has thousands of vendors with great offers.?


I'm in Tucson,AZ & I know certain McDonalds & certain Taco Bells, a lot of places in Park Place Mall like Spencer's, Hot Topic, Old Navy, then there's Jason's Deli, Coco's Restaurant, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Texas Roadhouse, & many more I can't think right now!!

Rules to always live buy is EVERY, & I mean EVERY place u eat, go (I.E.), places u go & anything u're gonna buy that..........

Where will this list be posted?  I see one come out on the internet and Facebook once a year around Veteran's Day and then that is it.  I agree with the other poster to just ask each and every time you are eating somewhere or making a purchase, especially if you live on or near a base.

I keep getting emails from a place called Veterans Advantage. They offer discounts at numerous places including car rentals and restaurants as well.  Could try them. 


Noteworthy: They do charge a fee, but depending on your needs, it might be worth the cost.