customer service is similar to a cable company phone call. the process is no longer about valued customers. Saddened today to see an organization I've appreciated for so many years reduced to this.


I see this complaint more and more frequently.   I wonder if USAA could address this and let us know what is in the pipeline for addressing this. 


I too have been underwhelmed with USAA recently and I'd like to see them return to their stellar service.   If there were some valid reasons behid it - perhaps they grew too quickly by letting other service members join and letting anyone who wished to open a bank account.- I'd be much happier if they shared them with us.    I'd also like to hear their plan for improving customer service.   


Transparency is important and I think we would all feel a bit better if USAA were more transparent.  If they can simply tell us that they're doing something concrete, and not give us platituteds and a song and dance, I know I'd be much more likely to give USAA a chance to improve. 

Dear member,

We are so sorry to hear how our services have made you feel we would truly appreciate further details about your recent experiences. We ask that you send us a message here with the best way to reach out to give us the chance to grow and improve from your feedback. Thank you.