Hello, I am trying to get some options for resetting my online account. Somehow I got locked out of my online account, and the only option is to reset it with a Phone Number. Unfortunately I am currently deployed and have no phone. How can I go about getting my online account access back without a phone? Any Help is much appreciated. I have contacted my wife to have her call USAA and have them reset it, but they keep telling her I have to do it. Not sure why as she has all my POA's and Full Access Rights to my account.


Hello, I'm not able to solve customer service questions here in the community unfortunately. Your wife can have her own unique login to access her online profile. Please have her contact a member representative using the CONTACT US button on usaa.com or by calling 210-531-8722 or 1-800-531-8722. Thank you.

Any help with geting my credit card "unlocked"?