My husband and I have been members for 11 years + and my whole family.   We decided to go through USAA for life insurance.  The experience has been HORRIBLE.   The company they sent over to do the blood work and EKG the woman blew out my husbands vain and the women started to google what had happened to him.  He had a golf ball size hematoma on his arm.  She did not know what happened and told him to go to the doctor.  Then on New Years Eve we received a call from a rate specialist who told my husband that they are diagnosing him with a heart condition and started to question us why we were asking for so much life insurance.  USAA is who recommended the amount of money we requested!  That was extremely frustrating and beyond that they had the nerve to call and have the underwriter diagnose him with a heart condition.   As everyone can imagine that is a pretty bold move without having a medical person OR a specialist for that matter review his EKG.  At this point his life insurance quote has doubled as they have already indicated this all over his paper work he had this condition.  AGAIN, with out his med records or a specialist.  Needless to say this made him very uneasy as we brought in the new year!


Finally, we found someone that would listen to us but her hands were tied as she had no authority to help us.  All she could do was escalate.  We spoke to others who all started to change there story and indicate that they did not diagnose him but saw an irregularity on the EKG.  This is NOT what we were told on New Years Eve.  


Today we went to see a cardiologist who has told my husband he is fine and healthy.  There are NO issues with his heart and he does not have the diagnosis that an underwriter indicated, not a medical doctor.   This has been many calls and getting no where.  This has been beyond frustrating and NO ONE should diagnose someone unless they are doctor.


We now are going to have to go through the process of fighting this.  I hope that is not has frustrating as everything else has been.   This has been so beyond disappointing in USAA!




I am sorry to hear of the trouble you have been having, I will surely pass this along to the proper representative for review. We will have them reach out to you. Thank you for reaching out in Community.