I realize that this may be something that has been posted before, but it's something I would love to help facilitate if anything is interesting. I am a part of a few different veterans organizations that help fill the gap of camaraderie and support that we no longer experience from not being in active service any longer, and I think we all have a duty to one another to assist in filling that. Whether you need mental health support, veteran social media pages to laugh at or find to participate in group activities, veteran businesses to buy from or helping one another access ALLO of the VA benefits that aren't ineffectively provided that no one seems to know about. We can share a thread on here, or create one for each segment I mentioned. Or you can simply respond with that you would need and I'll do my best to offer any support or information that I have gathered to help you or someone you may know that needs something like any of this. I don't care about your politics, just like when we were in the service, I care about my brothers and sisters and supporting them to live their best lives, and this to me is a very simple and hopefully effective way to do this. If its an email chain, social media group, or through this forum, let me know your thoughts and what you think you'd like to see more of or know more about.


Just to confirm who I am, here's my blunt summary: I am a USAF Veteran who has overcome suicidal ideations and attempts and now advocate for suicide prevention voluntarily, I am sarcastic and humorous, I constantly struggle with my own image/perception of myself, while at other times being dang proud of who I am. I'm messed up, but at the same time pretty well put together. I'm a conundrum, but a veteran none the less, I care even if you think no one does. Whether I know you or not, we are all family, and NO ONE in this family fights alone!


Hi @KC_Eyes 


What a great idea and post! I have featured it on the front page of community in hopes that other Veterans like yourself will chime in and share their favorite resources, stories and connect with you.


Thank you for your service and for posting here in community. I am looking forward to seeing this conversation progress!